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If you receive a pop-up when you try to edit a page that shows the error, “This post is already being edited – ‘JaneDoe-RTC’ is currently working on this post which means you cannot make changes, unless you take over.”, then you will be presented with several options:

  • Exit the Editor
  • Preview
  • Take Over

In the event that this happens, use your best judgement as to which option to select. If you know for certain that JaneDoe-RTC is not currently working on the page then feel free to Take Over. If you cannot confirm they are not currently working on the page or not, then it’s best to get in touch with that user, or wait until later once they’ve finished editing. 

If you cannot get in touch with another user, and they are still in edit mode more than 2 hours later since you first attempted to edit a page, feel free to fill out the “don’t panic” form, and someone from support will work to resolve the issue. 

This error typically occurs when you attempt to edit a page you don’t have permissions for. Try hitting the back button, or return home and try clicking your page in the menu again. If you see this error on a page you believe you should have permissions for, please contact your administrator, or fill out the “Don’t Panic” form for assistance.