There is a set of fundamental supervision and management knowledge and skills needed in order to be an effective supervisor. Whether on the job for two months or several years, these concepts should be regularly reviewed by a supervisor and their manager in order to achieve a high level of supervision.

Core 2.0

New APS Supervisors must complete the APS Caseworker Core 2.0 within their first two years as a new supervisor. To learn more about that training, click on the Trainee tab above and select Caseworkers.

Although Ohio does not mandate that APS Supervisors attend specialized training for new supervisors, they have the option of attending the OCWTP Supervisor Core 2.0 series as part of their ongoing training requirements. This training is newly revised into modules to offer smaller, more digestible content, designed to be a blended offering of self-directed and instructor-led courses that can be taken virtually or in-person, and offers increased application, skill-building, and transfer-of-learning opportunities. 

Click here to learn more about available Supervisor Core 2.0 modules:  Core 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions