OCWTP Award Categories and Recipients

Each year the OCWTP presents three coveted awards: the Dan Schneider Award, the Linda Pope Award, and the Rising Star Award.

The Dan Schneider Award

As the first full-time director of the Public Children Services Association of Ohio (PCSAO) in 1987, Dan Schneider (1951–2003) spent a lifetime advocating for children and families in Ohio. His vision of excellence in the training of child welfare professionals helped shape the formation of the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program.

Begun in 2003, the Dan Schneider Award is presented annually at the PCSAO Conference to an individual who reflects Dan’s commitment to improving the lives of Ohio’s children and families by providing unwavering support for the professional development of Ohio’s child welfare staff toward best-practice ideals.

Dan Schneider Award Recipients:

2023Scott Britton, Assistant Director of the Public Children Services Association of Ohio (PCSAO)
2022Robin Reese, Lucas County Children Services
2021Ruby Johnston, Trainer/International Child Advocate
2020No Award (COVID)
2019Sally Dine Fitch, MSW, Independent Contractor
2018Christina Carter, MS, Institute for Human Services
2017David Haverfield, Director of Tuscarawas County JFS
2016Lois Tyler, Former Training Coordinator, Institute for Human Services
2015Darren Varnado, Former Director, Southwest Ohio Regional Training Center
2014Dean Sparks, Director, Lucas County Children Services
2013Daniel Shook, ODJFS Bureau Chief OFC
2012Betsy Keefer Smalley, Institute for Human Services
2011Gayle Channing Tennenbaum, Public Children Services Association of Ohio
2010Eric Fenner, Director, Franklin County Children Services
2009Crystal Ward Allen, Director, Public Children Services Association of Ohio
2008Ronald Hughes, Ph.D., Director, & Judith Rycus, Ph.D., Program Director, Institute for Human Services
2007Max Bucey, Assistant Director, Public Children Services Association of Ohio
2006John Saros, J.D., Executive Director Emeritus, Franklin County CSB
2005Nan Beeler, MSW, LISW, Institute for Human Services
2004Dale Curry, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Kent State University
2003Kelly Lynch, LISW, CCDC III-E, Executive Director, Guernsey County Children Services

The Linda Pope Award

The Linda Pope Award was established in 2000 to honor the memory of exemplary OCWTP trainer Linda Pope’s dedication to and impact on child welfare professionals throughout the State of Ohio.  Linda was a very conscientious trainer who took her responsibilties seriously. She trained in all eight regions of the state. Linda had a high value for social work ethics and assured that every participant felt valued. At the time of her death in 1999, Linda Pope had the highest average training score on record in the program.

Begun in 2000, the Linda Pope Award is presented annually at the OCWTP Trainer Conference to a trainer who reflects Linda’s courage to incorporate new theoretically sound concepts and best practice into training and who reflects Linda’s dedication to providing high quality, ethical, family-centered training to child welfare professionals. See a complete list of the criteria considered in selecting the Linda Pope Award receipient each year.

Linda Pope Award Recipients:

2024 Johanna Pearce
2023 Warne Edwards
2022 Marlin Cheyney, MSW
2020 Nancy Simon
2019 Janice Morabeto
2018 Linda Davis, Ph.D., LPC, LSW
2017 Val Larkin, LSW
2016 Co-Recipients: Janie Rhoads, LSW, and Brian Lowery, MPA, LSW
2015 Xan Boone, MSW
2014 Brian Bethel, M.Ed., PCC-S, LDCDIII, RPT-S
2013 Ronna Johnson
2012 Anthony President
2011 Ruby Johnston
2010 Jim Still-Pepper, MA
2009 David Zidar, LISW
2008 Ruth McMonagle, MSSA, MBA, ACSW
2007 Joseph Shannon, Ph.D.
2006 Jayne Schooler, MA
2005 Denise Goodman, Ph.D.
2004 Patricia Harrelson, MSSA
2003 Raymond Lloyd, BA, LSW
2002 Rhonda Lilley, Ph.D., and Stacey Saunders
2001 David Hunter, LISW
2000 Sandi Priestino, Ph.D.

The Rising Star Award

Begun in 2000, the Rising Star Award is presented annually at the OCWTP Trainer Conference to a new trainer who exhibits exemplary skills, content expertise, and workshop delivery in the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program.

Rising Star Award Recipients:

2024Michele Rivas
2023Lauri Wolfe
2022LaToya Logan, MSW LISW
2020Jamole Callahan
2019Kelly Hickle Lentz
2018Jill Roberts
2017Melanie Hale, MPA
2016Amanda Davis
2015Jen Koetter, LSW
2014China Darrington
2013Dawn Alsept
2012Jim Harris
2011Ronna Johnson
2010Theresa Johnson, MSW; Xan Boone; and Anthony President
2009John Ward
2008Brian Lowery , MPA, LSW
2007Brian Bethel, M.Ed., PCC, CCDC
2006Jim Still-Pepper
2005Janie Thomas
2004Sharon Chun Wetterau
2003Sister Madeleine Rybicki
2002Charlotte Osterman
2001Julie Kenniston and Patricia Harrelson
2000Michael Sanders