Title IV-E Court Staff

Title IV-E Court Staff are permitted and encouraged to attend training through the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program (OCWTP). Although the OCWTP does not offer training specific to Title IV-E Court Staff, it is committed to ensuring IV-E staff understand fundamental child protection principles and have knowledge and skill of Ohio’s Comprehensive Assessment and Planning Model (CAPM) and Ohio SACWIS.

IV-E Court staff have access to the CAPS LMS: Child & Adult Protective Services (CAPS) Learning Management System (LMS). Click here to access the CAPS LMS login page to search for training. If not already in Ohio SACWIS, click the link to register.

Ohio SACWIS Requirements

Title IV-E Court Staff must adhere to Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) and Ohio Revised Code (ORC) as it pertains to certain casework responsibilities, which require documenting work in the Ohio Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (Ohio SACWIS).  

Click here for Title IV-E Court Staff Ohio SACWIS Resources, a guide linking many articles, videos, and resources to help Title IV-E  staff use Ohio SACWIS.