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Northeast Ohio

The Northeast Ohio Regional Training Center (NEORTC) proudly serves the counties of AshlandAshtabula, Columbiana, GeaugaHolmesLake, LorainMahoningMedinaPortageStarkSummitTrumbull, and Wayne. NEORTC’s offices and training site are located at:

264 South Arlington Street, Akron, OH 44306

As part of the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program (OCWTP), NEORTC is committed to high quality, culturally responsive, family-centered training for child protective staff and caregivers in its fourteen-county region.

NEORTC Training

PCSA staff, caregivers, and assessors should log into CAPS LMS to view and enroll in [RTC] training. Anyone who does not have access to the CAPS LMS should review PDF versions of [RTC] training calendars linked below and use the appropriate guest registration process detailed below.

Internal guests are county staff employed at a PCSA, JFS, or CSEA with a State of Ohio User ID (SOUID) that do not have a child/adult protective services role. These guests will contact Penny Myers directly to request access. Internal guests do not complete the guest registration form below.

External guests include but are not limited to retired staff, law enforcement, teachers, court-appointed special advocates, mental health professionals, and court staff such as public defenders and prosecutors. External guests will not be provisioned access to the CAPS LMS but will be added to the requested instructor-led session on a space-available basis. External guests must complete the guest registration form below to request access to training. You will need the session locator # listed on the training calendars linked below to complete the form.


Interested in participating in the OCWTP coaching program?  Search for “Coaching Request Form” in the CAPS LMS and follow the instructions to submit the form.  RTC staff will contact you with additional information upon receipt. 

Cancellation & Weather Policies

Staff Training

In case of severe winter driving conditions, please call NEORTC at (330) 379-2003 after 6:30 a.m. to find out if training is cancelled. If it is, the message on the recorder will inform you of the cancellation. If there is no message to that effect, then training will be held that day. However, if training is being held, please note your driving conditions from your location and determine if it is safe for you to travel to NEORTC.  For county-hosted staff trainings, liaisons will make the determination if training should be cancelled and should notify NEORTC as soon as possible of the cancellation.

Also, if any trainee encounters travel delays, they can call the front desk number 330-379-1805 to alert NEORTC staff so trainers can be informed of a delay in arrival. Please keep in mind the “15 Minute Rule.” 

Caregiver Training

Since most caregiver trainings are held in the counties, the county hosting that training is responsible to determine whether a training should be cancelled due to weather conditions impacting their area. NEORTC should be notified as soon as possible of any cancellation. The county is responsible for notifying their registered caregivers; NEORTC will notify any caregivers outside of that specific county as well as private caregivers registered to attend the session.

Contact NEORTC

NEORTC’s Front Desk: (330) 379-1805 between 8am and 4pm

After Hours emergency contact for TRAINERS ONLY:
Mary Serapiglia, NEORTC Director, (330) 808-4350

NEORTC’s address:
264 South Arlington Street
Akron, OH  44306

Mary Serapiglia, LISW-S, NEORTC Director
     (330) 379-2003

Jodie Hembree, LISW-S, Training Coordinator
    (330) 379-1867

Kimberley Gear, MSSA, LSW, Training Coordinator
    (330) 379-1976

Cindy Wallis, M.A., CFLE, Training Coordinator
    (330) 379-1931

Patricia Hill, MPA, LSW, Caregiver Coach        
   (330) 375-1685                                                    



Penny Myers, Administrative Assistant III
    (330) 379-2091

Laurie Barker, Clerical Specialist, Staff Training
    (330) 379-1982

Vickie Webb, Clerical Specialist, Foster Parent Training
    (330) 379-1935


Check Your County’s Training Liaison



Phone Number


Ashland DJFS

Sarah Owen

(419) 282-5053

Ashtabula CSB

Beverly DeFazio

(440) 998-1811

Columbiana DJFS

Nancy Geho

(330) 420-6623

Geauga DJFS

Dawn Bates

(440) 285-1102

Holmes DJFS

Susan Shernit

(330) 674-1111 


Mary Udics

(440) 350-4333

Lorain CSB

Amanda Pittner

(440) 329-5784

Mahoning CSB

Patty Amendolea

(330) 941-8876

Medina DJFS

Rosalind Caro

(330) 661-0808

Portage DJFS

Deborah Hogan

(330) 297-3461

Stark DJFS

Angi Rosa

(330) 451-8927

Summit CS

Kelly Aloisi

(330) 379-1984

Trumbull CSB

Lori Yedlicka

(330) 372-2010 x1342

Wayne CSB

John Dillon

(330) 345-5340 x2224

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