Resource Readiness

For Certified Caregivers

Newly certified foster caregivers must complete training on 11 required topics, collectively called Resource Readiness, during their first two years of certification.  They must also complete a specified number of training hours based on the type of certification they have.  For more information on training requirements, please click here.

The required topics are:

  • Prevention, recognition, and management of communicable diseases
  • Community health and social services available to children and their foster families
  • Education advocacy
  • Substance abuse
  • Cultural and diversity issues
  • Family safety
  • Trauma and its impact on children and the family; promoting attachment
  • Caring for children who have been sexually abused
  • Managing placement transitions
  • Mental health, self-regulation, and self-care
  • Legal and ethical issues for caregivers

Foster caregivers can select one course from each topic, and do not need to take the courses in a certain order. They have the option to take instructor-led or online, self-directed courses in most topics. Foster caregivers are encouraged to select courses specific to the needs of children placed in their home (if they have already accepted placement) or characteristics of children they have indicated willingness to accept.

If a foster caregiver has completed a course in each topic and needs additional training hours, they are able to select additional courses from any of these topics, or search in CAPS LMS for courses on topics identified in their Individual Training Needs Assessment.