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Central Ohio

The Central Ohio Regional Training Center (CORTC) is housed at Franklin County Children Services Board: 855 W. Mound St. Columbus, OH 43223.

Part of the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program, the CORTC is committed to providing high quality, culturally-responsive, family-centered, job-related training for child welfare staff and caregivers in the region’s thirteen counties: Crawford, Richland, Marion, Morrow, Knox, Union, Delaware, Licking, Franklin, Madison, Fairfield, Pickaway, and Fayette.

As part of the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program (OCWTP), CORTC is committed to high quality, culturally responsive, family-centered training for child protective staff and caregivers in its fourteen-county region.

CORTC Training

PCSA staff, caregivers, and assessors should log into CAPS LMS to view and enroll in CORTC training. Anyone who does not have access to the CAPS LMS should review PDF versions of CORTC training calendars linked below and use the appropriate guest registration process detailed below.

Internal guests are county staff employed at a PCSA, JFS, or CSEA with a State of Ohio User ID (SOUID) that do not have a child/adult protective services role. These guests will contact their RTC directly to request access. Internal guests do not complete the guest registration form below.

External guests include but are not limited to retired staff, law enforcement, teachers, court-appointed special advocates, mental health professionals, and court staff such as public defenders and prosecutors. External guests will not be provisioned access to the CAPS LMS but will be added to the requested instructor-led session on a space-available basis. External guests must complete the guest registration form below to request access to training. You will need the session locator # listed on the training calendars linked below to complete the form.


Interested in participating in the OCWTP coaching program?  Search for “Coaching Request Form” in the CAPS LMS and follow the instructions to submit the form.  RTC staff will contact you with additional information upon receipt. 

Contact CORTC

Phone Number: (614) 278-5906
Fax Number: (614) 278-5992
Address: 855 W. Mound St. Columbus, OH 43223

L. Vicky Rhoads, Director
(614) 278-5910

Shelley Weaver, Staff Training Coordinator
(614) 278-5909

Sonja Burston, Foster Parent Training Coordinator
(614) 278-5908

Sherry Wakely, Administrative Assistant
(614) 275-2675

Nicholas Mastin, Social Program Coordinator
(614) 351-3974                                                                                 

Marsha Edwards, Staff Secretary
(614) 278-5907

Scott Rundio, Information Technologist
(614) 278-5914

Rhonda Burnett, Adoption Training Coordinator/Assessor Liaison
(614) 278-5911

Mary Mott, Secretary
(614) 278-5912

Check Your County’s Training Liaison

Andy Nigh, Staff Liaison

Bethany Sergent, Foster Care Liaison

Shannon Cox, Staff Liaison

Kayla Gieger, Foster Care Liaison

Elyssa Wanosik, Staff Liaison

Ashleigh Duffy, Liaison

Mary Beth Potts, Staff Liaison

Marcie Hamilton, Foster Care Liaison

Ann Miller, Staff Liaison

Chandell Pfleiderer, Foster Care Liaison

Celeste Nichols, Staff Liaison

Brandy Angus, Foster Care Liaison

Julie Harris, Staff Liaison

Elizabeth Moore, Foster Care Liaison
(740) 386-0465

Lisa Peake, Staff Liaison

Lisa Peake, Foster care contact as position is vacant

Kimberly Stevens, Staff Liaison

Kristi Allison, Foster Care Liaison
740-474-3105 Ext. 429

Sarah Soliday, Staff Liaison

Susan Curatti, Foster Care Liaison

Taylor Culbertson, Staff Liaison
937-644-1010 ext. 2240

Nicholas Digel, Foster Care Liaison
937-644-1010 ext. 2235

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