Trainers in the OCWTP and OHSTS train both standardized curriculum (required trainings for child and adult protective services (APS) caseworkers and supervisors) and certified caregivers. Trainers also train on specialized topics such as mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse, and other topics that relate to child protection and APS. These trainers develop their own curriculum and training outlines. Trainers can be approved to train inperson, virtually, and/or both.

As a trainer you have access to a number of resources in the CAPS LMS Knowledge Bank.

  1. Log into CAPS LMS (click on button at the top of the page to learn how)
  2. Select Collaborate (tab at top of page)
  3. Select Knowledge Bank
  4. Toggle to Topics tab at top
  5. Select OUCCAS folder
  6. Select Trainers and Producers folder
Resources available include the following and are continually added to:
  • Trainer Handbook
  • Preparation checklists
  • How to launch virtual training
  • How to manage training schedule
  • Training of Trainers schedule

There are specific training skills we expect trainers have and develop.

  • Utilizing adult learning theory
  • Incorporate transfer of learning strategies
  • Understand learner characteristics
  • Evidenceinformed learning activities
  • Diversity and Cultural Competencies
  • Manage group dynamics
  • Utilize a variety of learning activities
  • Understand the components of a competencybased training system