Prospective TCPs

Trainers, Coaches, and Producers

If you are interested in becoming a trainer, coach, and/or producer, email OUCCAS Recruitment at Include your expertise and your interest. The need for trainers, coaches, and producers are based on the learning needs of the counties. If it appears that you meet the qualifications to become an OCWTP trainer and your area of expertise will meet a need of our program, you will begin the approval process.

Trainers in the OCWTP and OHSTS train both standardized curriculum (required trainings for child and adult protective services (APS) caseworkers and supervisors) and certified caregivers. Trainers also train on specialized topics such as mental health, domestic violence, substance abuse, and other topics that relate to child welfare and APS. These trainers develop their own curriculum and training outlines. Trainers can be approved to train inperson, virtually, and/or both.

A coach is focused on supporting specific job skills to ensure that staff and certified caregivers use the skills learned in training when they return to the field. Coaches work with directors, caseworkers, supervisors, and certified caregivers. The purpose of coaching is to support the coachee as they further develop skills that will be outlined in a coaching plan. Coaching events can be inperson, virtually, or a hybrid.

The role of the producer is the support person for the trainer when the training is virtual. The producer is an invaluable resource before, during and after a virtual training event. They are there to support the facilitator, the participants and the technology. The producer makes the session run smoothly, troubleshooting technical issues for anyone attending the session, loading polls and even cofacilitating content.