Learner-Driven Pathways

The OCWTP has developed a framework for learners to explore a topic to the depth they want at a pace that works for them. This framework is called a learner-driven pathway. Training and other learning activities are available along the pathway, but participation is not required. The learner can do as much or as little of the pathway as they like.

The Life Skills Pathway

The Life Skills Pathway contains courses and activities that help resource families caring for older youth (14+) gain the necessary knowledge and skills to assist the youth in life skills development, promoting a successful transition to interdependence.

This learner-driven pathway was created in collaboration with ACTION Ohio and the Overcoming Hurdles in Ohio Youth Advisory Board (OHIO OYAB).  Youth voice has been, and remains, key in the creation and continued development of the Life Skills Pathway.  ACTION Ohio is facilitating the voices of youth in the following areas:

  1. Identification of Essential Elements of Interdependence
  2. Mapping of Essential Resources
  3. Design of Essential Element Badges
  4. Creation of a Menu of Life Skills Activities for resource families to use with youth to build skill
  5. Vetting of course outlines for pathway and badge approval

When the resource family has completed a pathway course, the caregiver and youth in their home can work together on skill-building activities based on knowledge and skills from that specific course. The family and youth will be able to document the activity and continue to build on skills gained.

Documentation of the activity can be completed on the Transfer of Learning activity form in CAPS LMS, within the course curriculum. A copy of the documentation will be sent to the learner’s support worker, as well as their email and the youth’s email (optional). Click the “Life Skills Pathway CAPS LMS Demo Video” below to see how to find the Transfer of Learning activity on a learner’s transcript.

Look at these resources to find out more about the Transfer of Learning activity and documentation: Sample TOL Instructions, Sample TOL Documentation, Menu of Life Skills Activities, Essential Resources

Review these resources to find out more:

Participants can earn badges within the Life Skills Pathway. Badges are a way to easily recognize, and be recognized for, achievement in areas specific to building life skills with older youth in foster care. There is a badge for each Essential Element and multiple badges can be earned within each area.

Completion of a Life Skills Pathway course awards a Level-1 badge, and a Level-2 badge is awarded upon completion of the transfer of learning activity by the caregiver and youth. You can view earned badges in CAPS LMS from your user profile. 

Click the link to see Badge Images. Note that in CAPS LMS a 1 or a 2 will denote the level earned.