In 2010, the OCWTP developed an infrastructure to support countyspecific coaching. Coaching started in OHSTS in 2022. The goal of coaching is to enhance and strengthen the skill of child and adult protective practitioners. A coach is focused on teaching and supporting specific job skills. Research indicates that coaching is an investment for PCSAs and APS agencies wanting to ensure that staff and certified caregivers use the skills learned in training when they return to the field.
Coaches work with directors, caseworkers, supervisors, and certified caregivers. The purpose of coaching is to support the coachee as he or she further develops skills that will be outlined in a coaching plan.

There are specific coaching skills we expect coaches to have and develop:

Utilizing adult learning theory
Incorporate transfer of learning strategies
Understand learner characteristics
Evidenceinformed learning activities

Diversity and Cultural Competencies
Manage group dynamics
Utilize a variety of learning activities
Understand the components of a competencybased training system

How Is Coaching Implemented?

Learners interested in participating in the OCWTP coaching program, search for “Coaching Request Form” in the CAPS LMS and follow the instructions to submit the form.  RTC staff will reach out with additional information upon receipt.”