New Staff Onboarding

It is important that new Public Children Service Agency (PCSA) supervisors and caseworkers are provided the appropriate tools and training to be prepared for working with children and families. Therefore, recommendations were received from PCSAs, the Public Children Services Association of Ohio (PCSAO), and the Children Services Transformation Advisory Council to establish a consistent statewide onboarding training program for new supervisors and caseworkers. As a result of these recommendations, the Office of Families & Children (OFC) worked with Accenture to create online, on-demand onboarding modules for new PCSA supervisors and caseworkers.

The onboarding training does not replace the requirement for supervisors and caseworkers to attend Core training, and counties are not required to implement the onboarding training; however, it is an available resource to supplement each PCSA’s training process.

The modules are self-paced and meant to be taken by new caseworkers and supervisors to increase their foundational understanding of children services work.

New Caseworker Onboarding Modules

  • Children services overview
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and implicit bias
  • Screening
  • Assessment and investigations
  • Search, engagement, and documentation
  • Safety planning
  • Case transfer meetings
  • Open and ongoing cases 2
  • Time management and organizational skills

New Supervisor Onboarding Modules

  • Fundamentals of supervision
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and implicit bias
  • Overview of duties in Ohio SACWIS
  • Overview of ODJFS reviews
  • Ohio Administrative Code
  • Children services legislation

You can access the ongoing modules through the CAPS LMS: Child & Adult Protective Services (CAPS) Learning Management System (LMS).