Prospective Caregivers

Congratulations on beginning your journey to become a foster care, kinship care, or adoptive family.  If you are being licensed through a county agency, this site will provide you with the information you need to register for, and complete, the mandated Preservice training curriculum.  If you are being licensed through a private foster care or adoption agency, please contact your agency for training information.

If you haven’t already selected an agency, we recommend you take this step prior to starting the training.  Information on selecting an agency can be found here: Choosing a Foster Care Agency   To find agencies near you, search this Service Provider Directory.  The state of Ohio website, It Takes Heart, is a great resource for those just getting started.

​Preservice  is a 24-hour training curriculum that is mandated for prospective foster care and adoptive families. Kinship caregivers may also be asked to attend Preservice training.  For additional information on required training, please click here.

The Preservice training curriculum consists of three self-directed courses and 12 instructor-led courses that can be taken virtually or in-person. The training is standardized, so you can attend the Preservice training at any OCWTP location in the state.  

You will register for the courses yourself through the CAPS LMS.  This Preservice Job Aid has instructions on how to request a CAPS LMS account and how to find and register for the Preservice curriculum.

Click on the course titles to link to the Learner Guide:

Additional resources: