Steps for the Assessee’s Supervisor


There are TWO distinct processes all PCSA caseworkers and PCSA supervisors are required to complete in CAPS LMS to comply with OAC Rule: 1) Completion of their assigned ITNA in conjunction with their supervisor, and 2) Creation of an individual development plan (IDP) with their supervisor’s input and approval. Instructions to complete both are included in this guide.

Individual Training Needs Assessments (ITNAs) – known as competency assessment tasks in CAPS LMS– are assigned every two years by ODJFS in CAPS LMS to your direct reports and to you, as their supervisor. Your direct report completes the assessment from their perspective, and you add your supervisory perspective on their learning needs. Once both perspectives are collected, together you review and discuss the results and decide which recommended development actions (instructor-led and self-directed courses, videos, materials, coaching) your worker will add to their corresponding development plan. While plans are created by the worker in CAPS LMS, they still require your supervisory approval. These plans guide the worker’s learning priorities and are automatically updated as they complete learning interventions indicated in the plan.


1. Completing Supervisor-Perspective ITNAs
2. Reviewing Results with Your Direct Reports
3. Reviewing, Editing, and Approving Development Plans
4. Technical Assistance Options


To locate your assigned supervisor-perspective competency assessments, select Scheduled Tasks from the Profile menu tab OR select the View Tasks tile on your Welcome Page:

Select the title of your direct reports’ competency assessment task. If you supervise caseworkers, this will be CPS Caseworker Individual Training Needs Assessment (ITNA):

NOTE: You may also see an assigned ITNA listed for your own position (e.g., CPS Supervisor Individual Training Needs Assessment (ITNA)). There is a separate guide to walk you through completing your own ITNA. This guide is solely for working with your direct reports’ ITNAs and IDPs.

Review the task instructions and select Continue:

If you supervise more than one person, you will see a list of individuals to be assessed. Select Begin to the right of an individual to get started: